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1Penticton Dentists

Dentistry is one of the most feared professions on earth. Psychologists have discovered that a form of post-traumatic stress occurs in some people over dental procedures. This pervasive fear is the reason most people take extra care in selecting their dentist. In Penticton, British Columbia, there are a number of excellent dental practices that are eager to give you the best dental work experience you've ever had.

2Caring for Your Teeth in Penticton

Proper care for your teeth is critical to your over all health. Letting the health of your teeth deteriorate can result in terrible pain and costly dental bills. It is wise to never be without a good dentist, and to make dental visits every six months. When searching for a dentist in Penticton, you should consider what kind of services they offer, what the services cost, how the staff treats you and what customer reviews of the practice have to say.

3Dental Tips

Professional dentists recommend brushing three times a day and flossing twice a day. Many people mistakenly believe they should brush immediately after a meal, when in fact, the acidity in the food they ate can erode enamel when brushed. It is best to wait a half hour after a meal before brushing. Be sure to make dental appointments every six months and heed the dentist's advice about tooth care procedures and habits.


““I would like to take this time to tell you all at Penticton Dentist that when I started with Penticton Dentist I hated going to a dentist I would not even go alone. But now a year later I have no problem go to the dentist alone the people there are the nicest people I have ever met and the work is first rate my whole family goes to Penticton Dentist and Dr. Singer is the best because of Dr Singer I have a full mouth of teeth and that is great so I would like to take this time to thank you all.””


““Since I was a small child I have always been nervous about going to the dentist. I head somebody talking about Penticton Dentist so I decided to check it out. I was greeted with smiles and friendliness and even though there were a bunch of people in the waiting room, I only waited a couple of minutes. The Hygienist was gentle and kept asking me if I was okay because she could sense my stress. As it turns out I had a cavity, my first in 41 years, you can imagine that I was a bit nervous about the novacane but the dentist talked to me softly and got me through the experience with ease. Now I truly have no worries about going back to the dentist. This is a fear I never thought I would conquer. I now take my husband and 3 kids to Penticton Dentist as well. The Penticton Dentist is as good with kids as they are with adults.””

-M. Clarke

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